Electric car sharing service in London to revolutionise travel... and clean up toxic air

Jun. 11, 2015
London Evening Standard

A £100 million electric car revolution to turn London into the “green driving” capital of the world and clean up its dangerously polluted air will be launched this week.

The ambitious plans involve a massive overhaul of London’s network of notoriously unreliable charging points and the start of a city-wide electric car sharing service by early next year, it can be revealed today.

They come as Tory MP Zac Goldsmith, who yesterday took the first step to a mayoral bid, said it was “extraordinary” that there are not more electric vehicles on the capital’s streets and called for all new minicabs and delivery vans to be electric-powered.

Responsibility for transforming the use of electric cars in London has been given to French firm Bolloré, behind the successful four-year-old Autolib scheme in Paris — which is used by 220,000 drivers.

A right-hand-drive version of the Autolib cars painted in “double-decker bus red” will be revealed in central London on Friday by Vincent Bolloré, the operator’s chairman and chief executive.

He will announce ambitions to have 6,000 charging points across London and as many as 3,000 battery-powered cars on the roads here by 2018.