Bolloré’s Bluecity electric car sharing launched in Hammersmith & Fulham

Jun. 26, 2017
by Jonathan Musk - AutoVolt

A new electric car club, Bluecity, has launched today in Hammersmith & Fulham, London. Bluecity is a new arm in the global-reaching Bolloré empire and hopes to take London by storm.

Following Bolloré’s winning tender for Source London in 2014, the company has been busy working hard with the various boroughs of London to accommodate their Paris-style car sharing scheme, which in Paris today sees half a million rentals every month of its 4,000 strong electric vehicle club with 6,000 charge points around the capital city. Following the successes in Paris, Bolloré has expanded beyond Paris to other French cities and is beginning to make their mark on a global scale including Indianapolis with BlueIndy, Los Angeles with BlueLA and the soon to launch BlueSG in Singapore to name but a few.

In London, however, things are moving a little slower. The size of the capital and its different Boroughs have made it much more of a logistical challenge to launch a new car sharing network, but Hammersmith & Fulham have been not only quick to deal with but actively aided the rollout of Bluecity, by installing 100 charge points.