Travelling to and from London Gatwick has never been easier!

Our new Bluecity station is located seconds away from Gatwick South Terminal and has 10 dedicated pick-up/drop Bluecity bays, available 24/7 on a self-service basis. Travel between central London and Gatwick from as little as £5.00 p.p.(1), with all of these great advantages included:

Pick-up / Drop-off
at Gatwick Airport

Pick-up / Drop-off
in central London

Only seconds from South Terminal 400+ pick-up/drop-off stations
Available 24/7 No congestion charge
Travel to London from as little as £5.00p.p.(1) Range of up to 130 miles

4 seats and a boot
mobile app
Hundreds of drop-off locations
From £5.00p.p.(1)
How to collect your membership card?

Collect your membership card directly at Gatwick Airport!

If you’re arriving at Gatwick Airport, you can subscribe via the Bluecity App, collect your membership card at the airport, and pick up a Bluecity car within a couple of minutes! Just follow the steps below:

1) Start a new Bluecity subscription via the Bluecity app or website

When starting your Bluecity subscription, at Step 3/6 (Card Type), make sure to select “I already have a new Bluecity card” to be able to use the membership card which you collect from the Skybreak desk.

2) Collect your membership card from the Skybreak desk

You can collect your membership card at Gatwick Airport from the Skybreak desk located in South Terminal, Zone K (near the exit/entrance to the railway station). The Skybreak desk is open daily from 6am to 10pm.

3) Enter the pairing code on the charge point

Once you have collected your membership card, Skybreak staff will help you finalise your subscription. Once your subscription has been approved, you will then receive a pairing code by text message. To associate your membership card to your subscription, simply tap the card on one of the charge points at the Bluecity station and enter the pairing code.

4) Start your rental

You’re ready to go ! For further information on how to use the service and how to start/end a rental, please refer to our “Get to know Bluecity” guide and our FAQs.


Station access

Passengers arriving from the North Terminal
Take the free shuttle towards the South Terminal and follow directions from South Terminal below.

Passengers arriving from the South Terminal
The Bluecity station is located on the Upper Forecourt, just outside the South Terminal. Follow signs towards “taxis” when exiting the South Terminal from the arrival area. Once you’ve arrived on the Upper Forecourt outside the South Terminal, you’ll be able to see the Bluecity station located on your right. The station can be easily identified by the red Bluecity signage next to the charge points.


Driving from London to Gatwick:

Our Bluecity station is located at: Upper Forecourt, Gatwick South Terminal, Horley, RH6 0NY.

When arriving from London, exit the M23 at junction 9 and follow signs to Gatwick Airport.

  • Use the filter lane and turn left at the first roundabout (J9a) following signs for the South Terminal.
  • Continue straight towards the terminal in the left hand lane, following signs for ‘Authorised Vehicles’.
  • Stay in the left hand lane until you arrive at the barrier controlling the Upper Forecourt access.
  • Pull up to the barrier and wait up to 10 seconds for it to open automatically.
  • Drive up the forecourt ramp and pull into the designated branded area on the right hand side where you will be able to reconnect the Bluecity vehicle to end your rental.

Driving from Gatwick towards London:

Once you’re ready to leave, exit the Upper Forecourt and simply follow the signs towards the M23/London.


Download the Bluecity mobile app today!

Start a new subscription, check available pick up and drop off points, make reservations and manage your rentals in just a few clicks.



(1)£5.00 fee per person is based on a journey time of 60 min and 4 travellers and includes the Airport Surcharge of £8.50. Journey times may vary depending on traffic and weather conditions.