Using the service

How do I start a rental?

Tap your membership card on any available charge point which has a Bluecity car connected to it and follow the instructions on the touch screen to start the rental. Once the touch screen advises you to disconnect the cable from the Bluecity car, unlock the car by tapping your card on the RFID reader located next to the car’s right wing mirror then remove the cable from the car and reconnect it to the charge point. All that’s left to do is to start driving!

How do I return a vehicle after use?

To end your rental, you’ll need to locate an available Source London charge point. Once you get to the station, tap your card on the charge point first to identify yourself and then reconnect the Bluecity car. You can leave the station once you receive the text message or push notification confirming that your rental has successfully ended – you should normally receive it within a couple of seconds. You’ll also see a confirmation on the charge point that your rental has ended. Don’t forget to lock the vehicle before you leave.

How can I reserve a Bluecity car or a parking space?

You can reserve any available Bluecity car up to 30 minutes in advance and any available charge point up to 90 minutes in advance from the Bluecity app, the Bluecity website or by contacting our customer service team. If you’re already renting a car, you can also reserve a parking space directly from the GPS. Please note that car and parking bay reservations incur a £2 reservation fee.

What if there are no parking bays available at a station?

To ensure that there is a parking bay available at your destination, we recommend checking for parking bay availability and reserving a parking bay on the Bluecity app, website, or from the on-board GPS. If you are unable to return your vehicle to the parking bay which has been reserved for you, please contact our customer service team by pressing the blue button located underneath the GPS or by calling 0203 695 0500.

Can I stop and park the Bluecity car during my rental?

You can park the car at any point during your rental, for example if you need to go shopping or want to visit a friend. Please remember to lock the car if you leave it unattended and ensure that you follow any applicable parking regulations. Once you return to the car, simply unlock it and you’ll be able to drive off again.

Please note that the only way to end your rental is to reconnect the car to any of the available Source London charge points displayed on the Bluecity station map.