About the service

Do you have any special offers?

Yes! We currently have 2 great special offers – these will apply automatically to your subscription:

3+3 offer (limited time only): Drive 3 hours, the next 3 are on us ! For any rentals which last between 3 to 6 hours, your rental will be capped at 3 hours (£34.2).

One rental per month: Rent a Bluecity car at least once in the month, and your next monthly membership fee will be free.

T&Cs apply. Bluecity reserves the right to change/withdraw these offers at any time.

What is Bluecity?

Bluecity is London’s only 100% electric car sharing scheme offering a point-to-point service, so you can drive around the city without the cost of owning a car and only pay for what you use. With hundreds of drop-off locations and cars available across London which can be booked in advance via our dedicated Bluecity app, you can secure a car for your trip and a parking bay at your destination before you even begin your journey. The cars are available 24/7 on a self-service basis.

What are the rates and what is included?

Our 1 Year Bluecity subscription (£5/month) enables you to rent a Bluecity car for 19p/min (with a minimum journey time charge of 20 minutes), which amounts to approximately £5.70 for 30 minutes. This includes a complimentary navigation system, insurance, 24/7 customer support, and of course you don’t ever have worry about fuel as all our vehicles are 100% electric. You won’t have to pay the Congestion Charge or ULEZ charge either when travelling to/through Central London. Should you wish to reserve a car and/or parking bay in advance, this will incur a £2 reservation fee.

Where are the Bluecity cars located?

Our Bluecity cars are located throughout London and can be taken from any available station. Please note that as we are gradually expanding the service across London, an increasing number of cars will be available over the next few months. The easiest way to locate our cars is on our station map where you can check live availability and also reserve a car.