about the end of the service

We will retain the information we receive and collect about you for the period which is reasonably required for us to use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy or in accordance with our legal rights and obligations.

No, your membership card will be deactivated as soon as your membership is terminated so you do not need to return it.

You will be able to terminate your subscription with no penalties starting from 1 January 2020. To do so, simply send us a written request from the Bluecity app (messages/new message) or website (my account/my messages/create a new message) requesting the termination of your membership.

No, any vouchers apply only to your Bluecity subscription and can not be converted to a monetary value.

If you have any outstanding bills, you will need to pay them via the Bluecity app (bills) or Bluecity website (my account/my bills/pay outstanding bills). Please note that the Bluecity website and app will be permanently deleted on 16 September 2020.

All membership fees incurred in January and February 2020 will be waived, however any usage fees (rentals, reservations…) and penalties still apply. Any fees incurred prior to the closure of the service will remain due after 10 February 2020 and debt collection procedures will continue for any invoices which remain outstanding.

You will be able to access and use vehicles until 10 February 2020. Please however note that we will be gradually decreasing the number of cars available from 1 January 2020.

We have been working hard to expand the network over the past few years, however due to the current limitations which we have and the competitive environment, the service is not able to maintain its activity in London. We will be closing the service permanently on 10 February 2020.