General questions

You can subscribe directly on our website : just click here and follow the instructions. You’ll need a valid driving licence and debit/credit card to complete your application. Once you’ve submitted all the information online and we’ve approved your driving licence and payment details, you’ll receive a membership card which will enable you to use our Bluecity cars.

Our 1 Year Bluecity subscription (£5/month) enables you to rent a Bluecity car for 17p/min (with a minimum journey time charge of 20 minutes), which amounts to approximately £5 for 30 minutes. This includes everything: congestion charge, a complimentary navigation system, insurance, 24/7 customer support, and of course you don’t have worry about fuel as all of our vehicles are 100% electric. You also won’t have to pay any parking fees when reconnecting the Bluecity car to a Source London charge point to end your rental.

For UK driving licenses, you need a valid driving licence and a debit or credit card.
For European driving licenses, you need a valid driving licence + valid passport or national identity card and a debit or credit card.
For non-European driving licences, we require a valid national driving licence + valid international driving licence and a debit or credit card.

Our Bluecity cars are located throughout London and can be taken from any available station. Please note that as we are gradually expanding the service across London, an increasing number of cars will be available over the next few months. The easiest way to locate our cars is on our station map where you can check live availability and also reserve a car.

Bluecity can be used anywhere within the M25, with the exception of our station at Gatwick Airport for which you are able to use any reasonable route to and from London. The driving range of the car is approximately 130 miles when fully charged.

Yes, an Isofix system is installed in the back seat of the vehicle to allow you to attach a child seat.

The Bluecity car (Bluecar) is equipped to seat four (4) people.

You’ll find the key hanging on the right hand side of the steering wheel. It works just like a normal car key. Visit the HOW IT WORKS PAGE for more info.

You can park the car at any point during your rental, for example if you need to go shopping or want to visit a friend. Please remember to lock the car if you leave it unattended and ensure that you follow any applicable parking regulations. Once you return to the car, simply unlock it and you’ll be able to drive off again.

Please note that the only way to end your rental is to reconnect the car to any of the available Source London charge points displayed on the Bluecity station map.

To end your rental, you’ll need to locate an available Source London charge point where you’ll be able to return the Bluecity car. You can reserve any available charge point up to 90 minutes in advance directly from the on-board GPS, our app, our website or by contacting our customer service team. Once you get to the station, swipe your card on the charge point first to identify yourself and then reconnect the Bluecity car. You can leave the station once you receive the text message confirming that your rental has successfully ended – you should normally receive it within a couple of seconds.

In the event that you don’t receive a text message confirming that your rental has ended once you have reconnected the car, please remain next to the car and contact our customer service team in order to avoid incurring any additional rental fees.

All of our vehicles are automatic and 100% electric (so you’ll never have to refuel them). Like many of our customers, if you’ve never driven an automatic and/or electric vehicle before, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised about how easy are vehicles to drive!

No. To use Bluecity, the driver must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driving licence.

No. As long as you hold a valid driving licence and are at least 18 years old, you can subscribe today and use Bluecity without incurring any additional hidden fees.

Yes, Bluecity handles third party liability cover for use of the vehicle on the road. The driver is responsible for the excess, which varies by plan and number of accidents. For more information, please check the terms and conditions.

In the event of an accident please notify Bluecity and if required, the emergency services. The amount of any damages that you may be liable to pay Bluecity for losses to the vehicle varies according to the type of plan you have. Any excess you have to pay will be increased each time you have an accident for which you are entirely or partially responsible.

Bluecity relies on its users to keep the vehicles clean. When you return it, please make sure you remove all personal items and rubbish. Leaving the car in an unacceptable state will incur penalties. If you find a car in an unacceptable state, please notify our customer service team before beginning your journey and we will endeavour to have it cleaned as quickly as possible.

If your query is urgent, our customer service team is available 24/7 on 0203 695 0500.
For existing customers, you can send us a message from your online account.
If you don’t have an account, please use our contact form.