The bluecity technology

The Bluecar is 100% electric. The revolutionary LMP battery emits no polluting particulates and consumes no petrol or diesel. The on-board computer guides you wherever you want to go and is packed with essential safety features.


LMP, the revolutionary battery


LMP: stands for Lithium Metal Polymer make the future a reality today. The 100% recyclable LMP battery produced by the Bolloré Group is the only one of its kind, offering unparalleled range for an electric car.

At an equivalent weight, it stores more energy than other batteries. It can go as far as 150 miles on a single charge, and its solid component design makes it one of the safest batteries on the road.

LMP batteries have an exceptional life span and because the technology is based entirely on non-polluting materials, it is no threat to the environment. At the end of a battery’s life, all of its components will be reused or recycled.

Connected cars:
let Bluecar pave the way


The Bluecar is packed with high-tech features, offering Bluecity users a range of information to make their drive easier.

They include an on-board computer that delivers information about how the vehicle is running (including remaining range), interfaces with the Bluecity operating system for navigation (GPS, finding and reserving a parking space) and displays informational or alert messages.

On top of all that, each car includes a radio that will remember your favourite stations and a blue button to connect to the call centre in case you need any support at all.



Bluecity prioritises safety, with an airbag, power-steering and an audible alert to discreetly warn pedestrians that an electric car is approaching.

Children receive special care as well with built-in ISOFIX compatibility for car seats.

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